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Dr. Rebecca Fein

Dr. Rebecca helps curious individuals understand science and how to use it in their everyday lives. She serves students and emerging professionals by helping them unveil and embrace the scientist within. Embracing the scientist within allows individuals to improve their critical-thinking, parse fact from fiction, face fears with facts and figures, and enjoy their lives knowing that they do not have to be afraid because someone told them to be.

Rebecca began her own journey to science at the tender age of 8. Always fascinated with the world around her, she knew in her heart she wanted to become a doctor. However, Rebecca thought her dreams were crashed when her father and his friend, a well-known cardiologist, explained to Rebecca that, “women don’t become doctors, they marry doctors.” After that, science never seemed to be the same for Rebecca, but she still loved science. Eventually, Rebecca decided to give up the idea after a chemistry teacher in high school said she would never amount to anything, and a similar comment was made to her by an entire department as an undergraduate (not a chemistry department, but they shall
remain nameless).


Rebecca found life outside science to not be worth living, and decided to return to her childhood dreams. Rebecca completed her doctorate of health science – global health, at A.T. Still University in May of 2020, her master of science in applied healthcare informatics at Bryan University in 2014, and her master of business administration – healthcare management, in 2005 from University of Phoenix.


Dr. Rebecca has come a long way from the 8-year-old with a broken spirit, and she seeks to empower others to follow their scientific dreams. Dr. Rebecca recognizes the power that good role models and mentoring have for all who feel science has rejected them. She believes we all have potential, and we can all contribute to science.


Looking to find your inner scientist, have no fear, Dr. Rebecca is here. When Rebecca isn’t researching, writing, coaching, or otherwise playing with Flock of Scientists, she can be found spending time with her husband, dogs, children, and grandchildren.

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