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Dr. Killian Kleffner

Killian is a brain scientist and cynophilist (that means he loves dogs).

Killian is a writer, editor, educator, and scientific strategist. By training, Killian has spent 13+ researching the interaction of emotion and cognition in the brain. During this time he has also been a dedicated teacher, mentor, and collaborator.

How did Killian become a brain scientist? Through curiosity and constantly asking questions - how does it work? Why does it work that way? How do we know? Does laughter keep us healthy? What happens in my brain when I learn? How does the brain form habits?

Killian's secret to success is approaching all projects by building relationships, asking questions, and learning through listening. He builds and inspires teams by amplifying the voices, experiences, and strengths of each team member through the lens of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Killian enjoys the challenge of communicating highly technical or specialized information in the clearest way possible. Clarity is the key to any communication regardless of whether it is regulatory documentation, clinical study reports, peer-reviewed article, or article written for mass consumption. 

Killian’s scientific interests include cognitive/affective neuroscience, development, personality, epigenetics, and ethics.  


PhD, Psychology with Cognitive Neuroscience Emphasis, Simon Fraser University

MA, Psychology, Simon Fraser University

BA, Psychology, University of Oregon (Summa Cum Laude Honors)

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