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Focused on Understanding

We empower you to unveil the scientist inside you. We believe in empowering people to embrace their natural curiosity about science, use science to critically engage with the world, and learn to make evidence-based decisions in their own lives. We seek to de-mystify science and provide a safe space to debunk myths and bring knowledge to the world.

Maybe you're not sure how to respond in conversations, or you're embarrassed because there is so much shaming and bullying going on right now. 


You're in the right place. Flock of Scientists is devoted to providing science education that empowers the masses. We want to provide a safe space for conversations that debunk myths, embrace natural curiosity about science and the world, and provide opportunities for you to learn how to use science to make good decisions.

Mission Statement


Our mission is to empower people with science to be science communicators and to provide high-quality scientific writing and editing, content creation, and science coaching services. We present science you can trust.  


Vision Statement


We are a diverse group of doctoral-level experts with a passion for bringing science to everyone while embracing the best and most trustworthy research. 


Company Culture


Much like science, our organizational culture is multi-faceted. We value empathy, curiosity, strong ethics, inclusivity, accessibility, compelling customer service, and a nonjudgmental attitude. We approach our work and others with this mindset.

Female Scientist
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